Phone Information
This page contains information relating to my current (Samsung Galaxy S10) and previous mobile phones.
It exists mainly as a reference for me but please feel free to browse.
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I've been a mobile phone user since 1996, over years.
In that time I've owned the following devices.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 (Beyond)
OS: Google Android 9.0 (Pie) to Android 12 (Snow Cone)
Purchased: March 7 2019
Status: My current phone.
Manual: Online User Manual
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: After 14 years of devices running versions of Windows, I finally made the move to Android.
I pre-ordered the 512Gb ram version to get the free set of Galaxy Buds.
24/08/23 - Repaired the USB-C port and replaced the battery at City Phones.

Microsoft Lumia 950 (Talkman)
OS: Windows Phone 10
Purchased: February 1 2016
Status: Retired to backup. Having GPS issues.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: Added a 128Gb MicroSD Card. So far I really like it...
08/09/16 - Did a hard reset; was playing up due to multiple upgrades.
17/02/17 - Dropped it face down and cracked the screen. (View Images)
28/02/17 - Replaced the phone; added a tempered glass screen protector.
02/03/19 - Did a hard reset; bad battery life, seems to have fixed the problem.

HTC-8X (HTC Accord)
OS: Windows Phone 8 to 8.1
Purchased: June 1 2013
Status: Sent to phone heaven.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: 3.5mm headphone jack & the volume down button died.

HTC-HD2 (Leo)
OS: Windows Mobile 6.5
Purchased: January 2010
Status: Still in use; as a clock.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: Still a kick arse device.

Dopod-P800W (HTC Artemis 100)
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0
Purchased: March 2007
Status: Got stolen with the PDA2k.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: My first GPS enabled device. Needed the stylus.

iMate-PDA2k (HTC Blue Angel)
OS: Windows Mobile 2003
Purchased: April 2005
Status: Slide out keyboard gave in; it got stolen. Oh well. 😉
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena | PDAdb
Notes: My first smart phone/PDA introduced touch screen, WiFi networking & IR.

Purchased: February 2005
Status: I still have this, it travels with me as an emergency spare & makes a good alarm.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena
Notes: Bought in Singapore due to its ridiculously small size & the T68i's mic failed. Simple GSM phone.

Sony Ericsson-T68i
Purchased: 2002 Sometime
Status: I still have this phone.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena
Notes: Colour LCD and bluetooth, basic GSM. This was a good phone.

Ericsson-GF 788e
Purchased: 1998 Sometime
Status: Disposed of - Flip cover kept breaking off.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena
Notes: Ahh, a pocket phone.
Lasted a couple of years; without a flip cover for months prior to replacing.
IR via clip on modem.

Ericsson-GH 337
Purchased: Early 1996
Status: Disposed of - Antenna kept breaking off.
Manual: Local PDF
Info: gsmarena
Notes: My intro to the cell phone market. Smaller than bricks of 10 years prior.
Purchased it second hand.
  • Change the Phone Name
    It's a good idea to change the name early in the phones life so it can be easily distinguished on other devices when available to connect using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and other methods.
    1. Open Settings > About phone.
    2. Press the Edit button under the current phone name.
    3. Personalise the name and press Done when finished.
  • Turn off Notification reminders
    By default the S10 sends a reminder every 3 minutes for missed call & message notifications you have not cleared.
    1. Open Settings > Accessibility > Advanced settings > Notification reminders.
    2. Toggle the Off switch to disable this feature completely or customise it for Selected apps.
  • Split Screen Apps
    To use more than one app at a time:
    1. Navigate to the multitasking view and find one of the apps you want to use in split screen mode.
    2. Tap on the app's icon at the top, then select Open in split screen view.
    3. The first app will minimize to the top of the display until you launch the second app the same way.
  • Turn on Developer Mode
    1. Open Settings > About Phone > Software information.
    2. Tap on Build number seven times.
    3. Enter your password if set.
    4. Go back to the Settings start page, you'll now find Develper options down the bottom.
Three ways to capture the screen on a Samsung S10.
  • Method 1: Using the hardware buttons
    1. Set the screen you want to capture.
    2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together for about 2 seconds.
    3. If successful, you will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound.
  • Method 2: Using the Palm swipe
    Palm swipe to capture requires setting up first. Once completed, you just have to run your palm over the screen.
    1. To enable the gesture go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures and toggle the switch for Palm swipe to capture on.
    2. Set the screen you want to capture.
    3. Swipe the edge of your hand horizontally from right to left or left to right, and from edge to edge. Your hand must remain in contact with the screen to successfully take a screenshot.
  • Method 3: The Scroll capture feature
    To capture screenshots of long articles or pictures you can use Scroll capture. This option needs setting up first.
    1. To activate Activate Scroll capture go to Settings > Advanced features and toggle the switch for Smart capture on.
    2. Set the screen you want to capture.
    3. Begin capturing by tapping Scroll capture from the options that appear.
    4. Continue tapping until you finished capturing the content.
    Images are saved to: //internal storage/DCIM/Screenshots