My Walking Page

Sometime during 2010 I decided to take my fitness more seriously. Part of that decision was to take up walking regularly.

Below are websites I have joined to log my activity.


In March of 2019 I switched to an Android phone and started using MapMyWalk to log my activity.

Map My Walk is one of the Under Armour apps available for Android & iOS.

Members can view my Profile page here.


I use this global trails site to save some of my longer more detailed walks.

Uploads here include pictures & might hopefully be useful to other walkers.

Click here to view my AllTrails Tracks

I started tracking my walks with Marathon on a Windows Mobile 6.5 device back in 2010. Unfortunately half way through 2018 JMD Software decided to discontinue it. While you can still find it at the Microsoft Store the supporting server & website at no longer exist.

I'm currently using Map My Walk for day to day tracking.